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The Utilicom Safety training philosophy.

Utilicom Safety LLC was founded on the idea that safety is a priority that can genuinely impact people and companies for the better. With increased safety, individuals and businesses enjoy fewer accidents, fewer insurance and workers compensation claims, less pain and suffering, more productivity, and more efficient work operations. Safety benefits everyone!

Utilicom believes effective safety training has the ability to change attitudes about workplace safety and how everyone – from entry level employees up to managers – approaches safety in their daily work. By making safety as much a priority as production, revenues, or level of service in the minds of workers, great improvements are possible. Policies are important, but practices make things happen, and Utilicom Safety LLC is here to help with both.

Utilicom Safety LLC conducts on-site safety trainings for businesses around the country, as well as offering online courses, certifications, and re-certifications as allowed by the certifying agency. The company excels in training for the telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and service industries, but can tailor training to any industry need.


Utilicom Safety owner Craig Rapp lives and breathes safety. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Production and Manufacturing from Sam Houston State (TX), where he first explored his interest in industrial safety. He started Utilicom as a sole proprietorship in 1997, and it has been growing ever since. Craig holds the following professional certifications and designations:

  • CSM (Certified Safety Manager) – National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP)

  • CHSMS (Certified Health and Safety Management Specialist) – NASP

  • SPS (Safety Planning Specialist) – NASP

  • STS (Safety Training Specialist) – NASP

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