Why Safety?

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At Utilicom Safety, we see all kinds of approaches to safety. We see companies who are committed to it, and we see companies who do it because they see it a requirement they have to meet. We see workers and managers who are excited about our trainings, and others who are less enthusiastic. This last group is interesting, because the unspoken (and sometimes spoken!) question they are asking is “Why Safety?”

At Utilicom, we LOVE that question! It presents an opportunity for us to talk about the immense impact safety can have on an organization. Safe workers are happier. Safe workplaces are more productive. Safe businesses have healthier people and healthier bottom lines. Safety impacts everything, which is why our motto here at Utilicom Safety is “Salus Primoris!” or “Safety First!”

One of the best stories to illustrate the impact safety can have on all parts of a business’s success is the story of Alcoa. In 1987, 100-year-old international aluminum company Alcoa drafted a man named Paul O’Neill to be its new CEO. It was the first time a company had chosen a CEO who from outside the company, but they were in need of some management and leadership expertise: profits were down, the company was barely breaking even, processes were antiquated, investors were nervous, and employee morale was suffering as a result.

When O’Neill came to Alcoa’s leadership, everyone was expecting his focus to be on sales or financial performance. Instead, O’Neill focused on safety, and on continually improving Alcoa’s already noteworthy workplace safety standards. The workers responded, and the company went from 1.86 reportable incidents that resulted in a lost work day per 100 workers per year at the beginning of O’Neill’s tenure to 0.13 reportable incidents that resulted in a lost work day per 100 workers per year at the time of his retirement.

And the company? Alcoa spent the period during O’Neill’s leadership in growth mode, with a 900% improvement in market capitalization, record-high profits, and annual incomes that were 5X what the company had with O’Neill started. And it all started with “Safety First!”

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